Prayers of solace, bravery, and hope for every day of the year
to strengthen your relationship with God.

April, 4 / 2023


Do you feel alone in this world? Like there’s no one there for you? We’re here to tell you that God is always by your side.

Loneliness can be a difficult emotion to deal with, but prayer can help. Through prayer, you can access the love and support of God and feel connected even when you are alone. Put your worries in God's hands. Pray with us today.

Let’s pray together. Here is today's prayer to help deal with loneliness.

Dear Lord, I come to You today seeking comfort in my loneliness. Help me to find peace and joy even when I feel all alone. Grant me strength and courage as I go through this difficult time. Give me the wisdom to understand that You are always with me,…