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to strengthen your relationship with God.

May, 14 / 2023


Prayer has great power. We frequently hear this, but how often do we actually pray as though we really believe prayer has the power to change our daily lives?

We don't naturally desire what God desires for our life. We frequently want what we want right away.

Seeking the divine power of the Holy Spirit, you are acknowledging that you cannot live a meaningful and fulfilling life on your own and that God knows better what you need. Through the Holy Spirit, you can experience the transformative love of God in your life.

Put your life in God’s caring hands and pray with us:

Dear Lord, I come before You today with a humble heart, seeking the divine power of the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit’s guidance and strength, I cannot live a life that reflects your love and grace. Fill me with the Holy Spirit’s power so that I may walk in…