Prayers of solace, bravery, and hope for every day of the year
to strengthen your relationship with God.

July, 25 / 2023


My dear friends, I invite you today to join me in a prayer of repentance. As we come before Jesus, we acknowledge our need for His forgiveness and grace. None of us are perfect, and we all fall short of God's glory. Yet, it is in times of humility and brokenness that we find the strength to turn towards Him and seek His mercy. So, let us approach Him with a contrite heart and a willingness to change.

Dear Jesus, I come to You today, acknowledging my many sins and shortcomings. I confess that I have acted selfishly, lied, cheated, gossiped, and harbored resentments. I have not loved my neighbor as myself, nor have I loved You with all my heart, mind, and soul. I have taken…